If you like Ninjas then you should defiantly check out GCT Studio’s new game Rise of the Kage on Kickstarter.

Set in the same setting as the Bushido miniatures game, Rise of the Kage pits a team of Shadow Wind Ninja against an overwhelming number of Prefecture guards. They must complete their (secret) mission before the sun comes up. As you would expect from Ninja, stealth and noise discipline plays a huge part in success or failure. As the alertness of the guard rises, more elite guards enter play.

Checkout this demo game play from Gencon 2014.

While the game itself will ship with 2 different colored plastic miniatures indicating the models status, there will also be tokens to indicate status so you can paint your miniatures. GCT have said profile cards to cross over the miniatures to the Bushido game will feature in the Kickstarter at some point.

While these images are from the metal optional add-in’s, the quality of Bushido models is fantastic and I have every confidence the plastics will be of a similar standard.

Yuto, House of the North Star
Katsumi, House of the Bleeding Moon
Shizuka, House of the Long Shadow

Kickstarters are always a bit of a risk, but this one is already funded and smashing out stretch goals. I’ve been playing Bushido for three years, am the local retainer, and I also got the opportunity to interview a couple of the GCT guys with the Worlds End Radio crew back in Episode #70. So, I’ve got a lot of confidence in GCT Studios ability to deliver based on the way they have handled their flagship game Bushido.

There has been a steady stream of quality models coming through for the game, and during that time they’ve produce the main rulebook (even though Bushido rules are free on the web), handled an Indigogo campaign to add the Ito clan faction, and now a whole new branch of gaming, with a cross over to their existing game.

I’m really looking forward to how this campaign develops. Already the game has two boards and (if you back the Red Alert level) six Ninja, twice as many as you need to play the game! and a bucket load of guards with even more on the verge of being unlocked.

With the rich background of the Jwar isles available to them, I’m really hoping to see the game spread it’s wings (yeah, pun intended) out to other areas, and perhaps even have guard bosses from different factions. Ninja trying to infiltrate a Silvermoon Trade Syndicate Oyabun house guarded by massive Buto guards … now that would be a challenge!

August 2015 can’t get here soon enough for me!

Rise of the Kage Homepage

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