For this Caen campaign we agreed to two-week turns to keep the campaign rolling along. Unfortunately for Operation Perch (Turn 2) we have completely missed that deadline, and are a week overdue.

So for the remaining three battles we are resolving via the “Generals Game” and on-line dice rollers. It’s a slow process thats probably going to take the rest of the week.

Battle #3 – Bretteville L’Orueilleuse

The Allies pressed their attack to into Bretteville L’Orueilleuse (B-3) hoping to free up Juno Beach for reinforcements, only to fall short of the mark and be marginally defeated by the 2nd Panzerdivision. Alas in defeat the 2nd Canadian Division was destroyed (but goes to reserve as it is not surrounded).

Caen-Map-Perch-2battles left

Two battles remain, and again the Allies have the initiative.