Well we didn’t get through all the battles via on-line dice rollers Friday, so one last game was played out using FoW, and the final battle by dice. All up half this round was “live” Flames of War games which is pretty decent given the low player count and absenteeism due to school holidays.

By the end of all the battles the field looked like this…


As the Allies were prevented from moving too many units off the beach they were limited to five new units which landed on the following beaches.

Gold Beach – 31 Tank Brigade
Juno Beach – 8 AGRA & 4th Armored Brigade
Sword Beach – 6th Airborne & 11 Armored Brigade

After reinforcements and strategic moves, and the start of Turn 3: Operation Epsom, the map looks like this…

Operation Epsom

Victory Points

Allies – 200
Axis – 340