So in the last two weeks I’ve traveled 450kms for the best Bloodbowl tournament in WA and 4000kms for the biggest gaming expo in Australia. I’m looking forward to settling back into normality!

Our Caen campaign has kicked back into full swing with Operation Epsom being rounded out with dice battles, of which the Axis won two! At the end of the turn the field of battle looked like this… Operation Epsom4

With British Paratroopers leading the way the Allies have driven a second wedge down the East flank, and despite a couple of attempts, every Axis attempt to cut off these advance forces has failed. As we move into the second last turn of the campaign the Victory Points are even (despite the image below) and the Allies have reinforced their hold on the Caumont gap. A total of six battles was rolled to resolve this turn, and with +2 on all initiative results, it’s going to be a struggle for the Axis to make any headway into a counter attack. Operation Charnwood1