The beginning of Operation Charnwood (turn 4) saw the allies taking the initiative and launching an assault over the Orne river into Evrechy.

Leading the charge would be the 6th Airborne, with the 4th Artillery Group, Royal Artillery providing support.

Opposing them would be the remnants of the 101st SS Schwere Paner Abteilung that survived the fight in Villiers Bocage.

With the a win here, the allies cut off the city of Caen and its surrounds from the rest of the German army, meaning any German units encounter get to  roll on the lovely “Out of supply” table” before each game.

With a positive outcome for the allies being a rather big deal, the bombers were sent in to pave the way for the ground troops.

The actual game was 1000 points + Firestorm Troops.

The allies (Chris, me!) took a 6th Airborne list from Overlord;

2 Parachute Platoons

Mortar Platoon

Machine Gun Platoon

Assault Platoon

Airlanding AT platoon

(1 free Parachute platoon Firestorm Troop)

(1 free 5.5″ 4 gun arty battery Firestorm Troop)

The Germans (John) had a Panzer IV Company;

2 Panzer IV Platoons

1 Pioneer Platoon

1 Puma Platoon

(1 Tiger Firestorm Troop)

(1 Mortar Platoon Point Defence)

After placing a river down on the board (since the allies were assaulting over a river, there has to be a river in the middle of the board), we rolled up Encounter as the mission and off we went!

The bombers flew overhead and blew up a PzIV and and Pioneer team.

I think they need to load bigger bombs next time…

It was a fairly standard first couple of turns, with the British Airborne advancing up to the right most river ford and dealing with some barbed wire that had been lovingly place by those kind German chaps. On the left flank, the assault platoon decided to cross the river the hard way, by boat…

Assault Engineers about to cross the river!

The next couple of turns were rather brutal for the Airborne!

With half the Assault Platoon making it across the river, some Panzer IV’s arrived to try and stem the tide.

The managed to pin the platoon, but no pioneers were lost. Happy Days!

However, the turn after, with everyone across, the pioneers were wiped out to a man, whilst on the other flank, the Parachute platoon crossing the ford was also gunned down completely…


After stopping an assualt down the leftmost bridge by 2 PzIV’s with some rather nice 5.5″ shots, things were looking somewhat grim for the para’s



But, with a somewhat unfortunate assault by the PzIV’s into a para platoon (1 tank was bailed by a PIAT located in some woods on the way in, another couldn’t get in range to actually hit anyone, and the only tank that made it in, the CiC, was swiftly blown to kingdom come) the game swung in the favour of the plucky para’s.

With a Tiger approaching the right flank, the AIrborne machine gun platoon was ordered over the river on the now almost empty (1 SMG and 1 Rifle team from the mortars) left flank.

The para’s managed to get over the other side of the river on the now rather congested right flank, thanks to some Mortars providing some much needed smoke cover.

With the para’s getting in close with the remaining German pioneers, at the end of about turn 10(?) the German’s were forced to quit the field due to too many losses.

It ended up being rather close, as I’d lost 3 platoons in the first couple of turns trying to get platoons over the river before the Germans had a chance to concentrate their fire.

A pretty scrappy and close game, as is normally the case against John. The one assault where his tanks completely failed to scratch me was the tipping point of the game.

No firestorm troops were lost in the game (we both needed 6’s to destroy them due to the close nature of the win)

So the 6th Airborne advanced into Evrechy, cutting the German supply lines off!

Whilst the 4 AGRA remained in their original position, preparing for the German counter attack.

The allies won the initiative again (the plus 2 is amazing!), and have decided to finally begin the assault on Caen.

Attacking from Bretteville L’Orgueilleuse (B-3) into Epron (B-4) with the 4th Armoured Brigade, the 27 Armoured Brigade and 8 AGRA.