Recently I joined a Necromunda Campaign, and not having played this game for four year, I find myself somewhat ‘light on’ in the terrain department. One of the steps in the process of joining the campaign was adding my gang to the awesome Yaktribe site.

One thing led to another and I found myself punching out terrain pieces pretty quickly. Some of the larger pieces are still a work in progress.


The main theme is a shanty town, but I am hoping to produce enough terrain to create a small town, as well as some outlaying areas to provide a bit of variety to the table. Overall the plan is to create enough terrain to cover a table by the end of my holidays (2 weeks).

The Shanty Town Hut

The best part about ‘shanty town’ terrain is that you need no plan. To really create that shambles, run down look, I start with almost no plan except maybe the basic dimensions…. and even those are up for changes as I progress.

This little hut was the first piece off the production line.


The crates are Hirst Arts from the Industrial Accessory Mold #326 and the door is from the Starship Wall Mold #30. The rivets are self adhesive self adhesive diamantes i picked up from the local arts & crafts store, and the floor grating is fly screen. The rest is just cardboard from boxes and cereal packets.

Add a lick of paint and your almost done.


And here’s the finished product (albeit in a somewhat washed out photo). Posters are from the Yaktribe site resources as they are nicely themed, and rescaled which saved me a bit of time & effort.