Keeping with the Shanty Town theme I wanted to add some vertical terrain. A tower seemed the go but I wanted something morel like a wizards tower than a watch tower. So the Wyrd Tower was born. The base is yet more Hirst Arts molds, this time just the basic brick mold #40.

These were assembled to fit on a old CD base, and 4 layers of bricks were built up with no form work or checking for straightness, and no excess glue was cleaned up. I really wanted the base to look like it had been roughly assembled, and the best way to do that is to roughly assemble it. A foamcore base was added to the top, with a short section protruding as a balcony. On top of that was added to box tube for the height, and then the whole piece was textured with card and more rivets.


The finished tower was undercoated black, and the back/base brickwork stipple painted cream. All the metal parts were then painted heavily rusted. This is a simple base of brown, stippled by a brown/orange mix, and then followed up with a quick pure orange. All the rusted areas are then dry brushed with a mix of 3:1 mix of silver & black. Then the whole tower (base included) is given a muck wash. This is basically the same brown mixed with whatever water is in the jar I rinse my brushes in. Finally, the areas around the drainpipes are given a green wash, and posters added from Yaktribe.

The result…

tower_right  tower_left  tower_front

Close up details of t he top hatch and the big poster on the base.