Some quick updates on the Necromunda terrain progress for today.

A Simple Walkway

Just a length of foam core with fly screen glued on top and some cable ties added to the edges for texture.


Slag Heap

Simple piece that is just some expanding foam with straws stuck into it as pipes.


It doesn’t show up as well but the recesses are a green glowy colour, like some radioactive slag run off.

Body Chop Shop

This piece is from Warmill Gaming Accessories, but was given to me as it was missing all the acrylic parts. While a bonus, they aren’t strictly necessary and probably fits better with Necromunda without them anyway. However, as a laser cut terrain piece there is way more fiddly painting required here, so while it was one of the first to be built, it’s taking it’s time to get to the completed stage while I wrap up other simpler pieces.