With all this talk of Necromunda terrain you’re probably wondering for what gang? At the moment Delaque are my current gang, the Shades of Malice to be precise. In the past I’ve run Outlander gangs (Ratskins and Scavvies) but for the current campaign I am playing in I thought I’d make a change from the “bad guys” to a “lawful” gang.

Thus far painting has been hampered by terrain building 😀 but here’s a sample of gangers I painted a few years ago.

I also built a couple of objectives a few years ago. This is my water still. While the Necromunda fluff does talk about vanes and distilling, my gang have just tapped into a main line 🙂 Hirst Arts molds again, plus some plastic sprue scrap turned into a tap.

And finally a hidden mine or tunnel entrance. This one has the Hirst Arts pipe end & sacks, and the rest is just card, match sticks and fly wire.