Ok, corny title, but now that’s out of the way on to more Necromunda terrain.

As you may recall my plan was to create a table worth of Shanty town terrain for Necromunda. Well, having proven the theory with my first shanty hut it’s time to step up the factory and start churning out the buildings. An evening later I had six new frames ready to start texturing.


The gallows is from the Renaissance Miniatures range and while not technically futuristic, I think given a rusty metal paint job it should fit right in.

I started with a similar layout to the original hut, which is basically a 40mm x 90mm box and added a sloping roof, and then embellished it by adding a story here…


Adding a 10mm extension there…


… and making a hex building with three stories here.

shanty_hex2_wip   shantyhex_wip

So, now on to the texturing. That’s going to take some time so stay tuned for more updates.