This bigger piece was one of the first I started, but has taken the longest to finish because of all the detail . I won’t go through all the parts that make up this monster as much is plain to see. I really wanted to add some elevation to the terrain I am building for Necromunda, and the Pringles chip tube is a quick way to get some height.

I kind of feel this piece lacks a little something, and the walkways look (to me) a little rushed, largely because it was. I was just too keen to get into it and get building. The tower walls could have used more complex detailing like my Power Node, but I’d already glued on a lot of the pipes and walkways before I thought about it.

The ladder too went oddly off at an angle, but at the time I thought yeah, it’s just a shanty town piece, so that’s OK, but in hindsight I think it would have been better to straighten it up.

Here are some work in progress shots.

plant_wip plant_wip1 plant_wip2

More texture was added, but I don’t have any WiP shots. Basically from the above card was added to the tubes, mostly just a plate, but for the top of the coke can I went all the way around in corrugated card to mix it up a bit.

More studs were added to all the steel uprights and metal plates, and corrugated plates. The whole lot was then stippled painted brown, then stippled with brown/orange and finally some odd stippling with a 3:1 mix of sliver:black, with odd patches stippled in the same.

Once it was painted graffiti and posters were added. Posters at the lower levels and graffiti up higher where Juves would take on the dare to tag the tower. The Graffiti is from the awesome Yaktribe site again. This thread collects a whole bunch more posters and some gang specific graffiti.

As a final touch and to add some subtle colour, a 50:50 green ink / water mix was added to creases, joins, out of pipes where gunk might leak.


plant_deadend  plant_scale