So over a month since my last Blog. What have I been doing? Well working mostly, but also playing Necromunda, and this weekend, the grand finale of my FoW D-Day campaign.

Soul Raven Games

Today was the long awaited grand final of the FoW campaign we ran last year.

Like all military campaigns we faced set backs… Christmas… my PC dying… all putting a bit of dent in the progress, but all four of us were committed to finishing the campaign! Today was that day!

For the final game we opted for the Total War, and 1500 points per player (3000 per side) plus Firestorm troops. My Axis commander and I secretly agreed that we should defend to the last man, with elite paratroopers!

While my fellow commander opted for the Casino list (we were not playing to historically accurate lists) I opted for something more Normandy themed, although a little ahead of its time.

German FallschirmjagerInfantry Company, 6th Fallschirmjager 
from Hells Highway
Fallschirmjager Company HQ - CinC SMG, 2iC SMG - Upgrade CinC & 2iCto CinC Panzerfaust SMG - Panzerschrek - 3x…

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