This event will be held in conjunction with the third Australian State Championships here in Perth.

This event will be held on the 14th & 15th, March 2015 at the Fremantle Function Centre, Fremantle Oval, Parry Street, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Basic Rules
  • Rules and teams from the Competition Rule Pack
  • Resurrection style tournament
  • 1.2 million rosters
  • You can assign 6 normal skills, 1 each to 6 separate players for free
  • Min 1FF must be bought
  • Max 1 star player may be purchased
  • 6 games over 2 days
  • In the first round you may issue a grudge match challenge

The players pack is available from the Stinky Dwarf. If you have been to a Sandgoper tournament then it’s pretty much the same set up, without the draft at the end of the first day.

Tickets are also available from the Stinky Dwarf (Frosthammer) – you can pay via Paypal, Direct Deposit (preferred) or cash (in person). Tickets will be $30 each great price for a two day event!

For those who will be attending Sandgroper this year, this event is the perfect practice arena. Do you have a team you want to test out before Sandgroper? Then bring it to the WA Open to see how it performs under similar conditions. Also, this event will be a great opportunity to meet coaches from across Australia and New Zealand and show how good WA Blood Bowl coaches really are!