Kickstarters. Love em’ or hate them they are here to stay. While I think that the initial concept of providing a platform for budding game designers to find am audience is long gone, the idea that a game can get an instant following is appealing.
Of course many kick starters take some time from funded to delivered (ever backed a CMON kick starter and you are probably reading years), and that can take a lot of the wind out of a gamers sails. Recently I’ve taken delivery of a couple of Kickstarters, although only one was a long time coming.

The Agents

I think this firmly falls into the budding games designer category. Saar Shai has done an awesome job. This was the second edition of a previous KS campaign, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to play between the editions.The game is a card placement game where the cards are double ended. That is, one end will give you some kind of action, but the other will give your opponents Intel Points (aka victory points)… Or visa-versa… Take the points but give your opponent the action.

I jumped onto this campaign with combat boots and an AK-47. I picked up the complete bundle including the deluxe case to store it all. I just love the dilemma posed by cards along with the fact you have to spend precious IPs to get more agents and missions.

If you want to see this one played checkout for a whole bunch of reviews and videos.


Wrath of Kings

I have to confess that initially I had no interest in the game element of this kickstarter, it was all about the models. Aquatic beasties are an unusual niche so I was in it for the jellyfish and shark people and some awesome character sculpts. Aquatic D&D here we come.

However, shortly after the campaign closed local gamers started coming out of the woodwork saying they had backed it. Well 18 months later 10kgs of minis & rulebooks landed at my local post office.


The joys of group ordering for seven people!

Of course, the problem with instant communities is there are people out there with more time than me, and some guys have not only assembled their models, they have painted them!