Having something of a load of mini’s to paint, I decided that 2015 would be the year of “upgrading my game”. That is, where I can and where it’s worthwhile I’m going to upgrade game components to nice laser cut tokens, get a decent storage box, that sort of thing, rather than buying more miniatures to sit unpainted on the shelf. Of course, my Wrath of King kickstarter kind of put a dent in that, but I bought those almost a year and a half ago, so they don’t count.

Broken Token

Not nearly as bad as it sounds, The Broken Token are company that make laser cut inserts for board games. These things fit inside your original box, but goes miles to making the most of the space. One of my favorite board games is Lords of Waterdeep.

So, an order was placed and when it arrived I took straight to assembling it. Figuring I’d test fit all the pieces before getting the glue out I set to the assembly process. As I was putting this together I realised one of the benefits of laser cutting is how close you can get the tolerances. Every join was snug tight, and no glue was required!


While the insert cost almost as much as the game itself, it takes all the game cards sleeved up, has a removable tray for the adventurer tokens & coins, and even takes the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion.


I also picked up a couple of the DnDeeples packs replacing my boring cube adventurers with some nice thematic meeples.

Lords of Waterdeep: Upgraded!

Next up I want brain tokens for zombie dice. Not sure if I want to go laser-cut, or get some ice cube molds and make then 3D! Whatever the case they will need to be sturdy enough to be packed with the dice.