So what the deal with Sandgroper 9?

It’s almost the end of February and you are probably all wondering what’s happening with Sandgroper 9. The truth is it’s all been happening as usual in the background, but I have been holding back on promoting the event so as not to steal the thunder from the WA Open. However, with that event 24 days away it’s time to start letting the snotling out of the bag.

Sandgroper 9 is going to happen!

If you know anything about Sandgroper you know preparation starts many months in advance. Logo is done. Mini is done. However, I’ve been struggling with a venue. Seems everyone has put prices up, OR have given me an outright no. That last one caught me right off guard, it’s not like gamers tend to be a rowdy bunch! Anyway, the quest for a venue continues.

So what does this mean?

Well the first implication is the event may be delayed. Assuming I can get a venue that has all the things we have come to know & love about sandgroper, namely the ability to play bloodbowl in a comfortable atmosphere with a quiet beverage or two, I’m willing to delay a little. If we can’t get a venue, we’ll sadly Sandgroper may have to lower its standards to an “ordinary” tournament 😉 We are far too far down the track to call off the show, but I may have to make some compromises.

How can you help?

Let me know if you are intending to come along in the comments. This would help me a great deal. Judging a venue size is always tricky, but the plummeting interest in Bloodbowl makes it even harder. Having some confident idea around numbers also gives me a better edge when dealing with venues. All parties have a better idea of what to expect. I’m also open to venue suggestions.


This will be the last Sandgroper Cup. It’s a decision that’s taken me many months to land, and was far from easy to let go (still is). Sandgroper Cup has been a regular event in my life for almost a decade. Nine years is a long time to maintain the kind of energy required to make this event what it is and Bloodbowl is at an all-time low making it hard to justify the effort required. There is also some poetry in nine being the sacred number of Tzeentch and the time for change is certainly here. Fear not, this is (still) not Bloodbowl Armageddon, and the WAFFL has already had some discussions around doing something to fill in the gap left by Sandgroper.