Sandgroper Cup 9 – Ancient Magic


Welcome sports fans to the 9th & Final Sandgroper Cup.

This years event will be held on the 6th and 7th of June, at the Tradewinds Hotel, East Fremantle.

The theme is Ancient Magic, and clearly the winds of magic and change are flowing strong, because for WA this Sandgroper will be the last, and mark a major turning point in Bloodbowl for the state.

Basic Rules
> Rules and teams from the Competition Rule Pack
> Resurrection style tournament
> 1.2 million rosters
> You can assign 6 normal skills, 1 each to 6 separate players
> Min 1FF must be bought
> Max 1 star player may be purchased
> 6 games over 2 days
> In the first round you may issue a grudge match challenge
> At the end of Day 1 there will be a 2 round draft of new skills/stats
> Cost $50

Exclusive Limited Edition Miniature
As per the past years, we are giving away a free miniature to all players. This year we would like to introduce you to Zorin Tallspire, High Elf passer extrodinaire. This years figure was again drawn by our artist, Christian Schwager, and sculpted & produced by Eureka mini’s.

Image Image

As always this will be a limited run, and only 100 of them will be produced. The only way to guarantee you get one is to play in the tournament. :D If there are any left afterwards, they will be sold off.

Open Night
Open night has dwindled to almost nothing of the last few years, so I have decided to not hold it this year. However, feel free to hang around at the bar and have a chat with your fellow coaches and reminisce on Sandgropers of days past.

Sandgroper Cup Merchandise
Similarly, there has been little to no demand for Sandgroper merch. If there is a demand I’ll consider a cafepress store again, but at this point there is no intention of doing so.

See the Sandgroper IX page for all the details on how to buy a ticket.

Players pack is available here

The Sandgroper Cup is held at a Licensed venue, and therefore all players must be at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian with them.

It’s long been the plan to have a venue with accommodation and for this last hurrah I have managed to get it included.

The Tradewinds can offer you a special rate if you mention you are attending the Sandgroper Cup.

If you need more info on this contact me by leaving comments below.

So, the only question remaining is…

Do You Have The Balls?