As you may recall last week I bought into Bolt Action. Since then I have been wracked with angst about basing the models. I was shocked to be repeatedly told the base size doesn’t matter. Having been a wargamer for some years now, this came as quite a surprise… both in that it doesn’t matter (apparently) and that this bugged me so much. Sure I get that 6″ of movement is 6″ of movement regardless of the base size, but surely there are unit spacings to be considered, ranges to models and the like.

I was fortunately enough to pick up a mint condition rulebook on Friday, and sure enough, base size doesn’t crack a mention. Googling images, talking to many different people, all revealed the same thing…. I should let it go… it doesn’t matter! I think I have now read all the relevant sections of the rulebook, and as far as I can tell, it’s perfectly legal to put my mortar team on four 25mm bases.

So why does this bother me?

Well, a Mortar team on a 60mm base create an area that’s 4.5″ wide that the enemy cannot enter (without engaging in HTH I guess). However, put them on 30mm rounded bases and space them 3/4″ apart you form a screen that’s 9″ wide. Twice as wide! Is that just being a cheesy “gamey” git? Perhaps. But maybe not, maybe I’ve just lined them up with elements of cover to keep them safe. Point is, I can do that, and it’s legal, and I’m not cheating. But given the above, it somehow feels like I am!

Anyway, I decided to shelve all that and move on. The whole reason I fell into this trap was picking a base type is a tough decision. I’m not such a fan of the round flat 25mm bases that happened to be supplied with my models. Looking at the range in my FLGS none of the booster packs come with bases, and talkign to different folks many got no bases at all, so I’d have to source more at some point. I am however a big fan of round shouldered bases as they form small “display bases” that are still practical for game play. Since adding resin base toppers to my Ito clan for Bushido I’ve also become a fan of resin bases. But what style?

At this point I was still considering large bases for my mortar team. However, it seems round shoulder bases only come in 50mm. Hmmm. I had a plain one kicking around, so I started arranging the models to see if they fit. Unfortunately all the excess metal from the mold filling points made that impossible, and I ended up cleaning and assembling the whole team anyway. So much for doing the heavy weapons team last. Putting the team on a 50mm base was way too crowded, someone was definitely going to be hoist on their own petard eventually. If anything that solidified my decision to put them on individual bases.

More looking around there are some great resin bases out there from manufacturers like Dragon Forge, Secret WeaponTiny Worlds (who also have some great tutorials on their blog), and Back to Base-ix to name a few. However none of these were really doing it for me as the theatre of war I am planning is Normandy. Urban ruins/rubble was probably the closest. The Warlord mini’s also don’t come with a convenient tag, so that means pinning and more work. So, traditional basing it is. Sand, static grass, and whatever extras I can dream up myself.

Seeing my good mate Alder Von Well and his son over at Tabletop Monsters have started towards their first 250 points, I figured I should do the same. Having finally finished my Bloodbowl team commission (check the blog on Monday for a gallery) I am free to paint & assemble whatever I please, and there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to help keep you motivated.

Here is the starting 250 points for my 9th SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen.

  • 2nd Lt with MP40
  • Veteran SS Infantry Squad of 7 men. NCO with Assault Rifle, 2-man LMG team, 4 rifles.
  • Veteran Medium Mortar Team.


Speaking of cheesy gits… this is so stereotypical nazi it’s almost not funny… almost. I’ll be constantly on the lookout for Dr Jones 😀

2nd lt

… looks like he is checking for rain 😛

Next step is to build up that base with some putty, then it’s on to painting!