So dear readers it has was always my plan to bring regular updates with pictures to my blog, but that just seems so much harder four months down the track. While that lofty goal is still at the forefront of my mind, its now more of a guideline than a rule (bloody pirates!).

Rather than this just being like a Seinfeld episode, namely a post about my inability to post, I thought I’d rake the opportunity of down time on my morning commute to bring you up to speed on why the blogs been so quiet.

Back on the 14/15th of March I was fortunate enough to have been involved in the Ausbowl Bloodbowl State of Origin event. Two days of bloodbowl with teams of six coming to Western Australia from as far as New Zealand. Fortunate because I had few opportunities to “qualify” and failed at those, but was lucky enough to pick up a wildcard into the team. It was great to see these kind of events coming all the way out to Perth, and much respect to the guys from NZ who must have forked out a pretty penny to attend. Twitter followers would have been treated with my game by game results. Dismal, ’nuff said, moving on.

The weekend following that I was treated to one of Papa Nurgle’s finest concoctions. Man flu is serious business. Hopefully its set me up for a reasonable winter of traveling on public transport. Moving on.

Last weekend I finally was able to get back into one of my favorite aspects of the hobby, terrain building. I am prepping another post on this but in brief I managed to churn through six craters, finished a ruined building and have two and a half feet of trench line to the ready to paint stage. This puts my planned Bolt Action table at around 30% complete. Putting this into action Monday night I again took on the Italian forces and only needed to add a couple of un-themed buildings and a real mix if trees to complete the table. It kind of resembled a WWI battlefield with so many craters! And somehow there was this Japanese Village tourist attraction involved, but its getting there.

Yesterday I commuted to buying a starter band for the Batman miniatures game. So much for the plan of no new minis and upgrading my game. I’ll happily admit it, I love painting and building more than gaming. I’m already drafting plans for Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge gaming board. I doubt this game will progress beyond the starter set all that quickly, but the general plan is to build up 350 Rep (points) of Penguin forces based on the 60’s TV show (1st season). Unfortunately Joker has since gone his own way and I can’t (legally) include him, so the main villains are Penguin, Catwoman and Riddler. I might include Mr Freeze as he did feature in the series. Add on misc henchmen and done.

Anyway, this is my train stop. Hope you’ve enjoyed the update. Normal picture based posts resuming in the near future!