I’ve been holding onto the core of this article for some time, fine tuning the paint scheme, but I’m pretty happy with it, and again it’s been weeks since my last post so  so here we go.

For the SS I wanted to do a test piece to see how it looked, how long it would take, etc. Unfortunately as they didn’t have the plaster on the base I had to do that (for all 12 assembled models) as I know that I will get it on the model and way easier to clean up before painting starts, wait for that to dry, take kids to tutoring, add sand, wait for it to dry… undercoat… wait… ran out of undercoat spray so had to touch up with a brush… more waiting… so started later than I really wanted too.


Reasonably happy with him and I think he will look better once the static grass & tufts are on as there will be more green. He kind of looks a little out of place with the green helmet the only green at the moment. The Spring camo on his helmet hasn’t really come through, so may switch that back to autumn. I think too as more models are added to the force he will start to fit in more as I am mixing up the spring & autumn plane tree patterns. More on the autumn side as the force is from September ’44. I figure there’s still some greenery around, so the green foliage covered helmet will help when prone and sniping.

I was following a couple of different tutorials and some inspirational pics and ended up doing a combination of them all. I think I can do better as there is a slightly lighter brown that will probably stand out better, and I think I can get the dot pattern on the “background” colours a bit more defined. The follow paints are all Vallejo, and the ones with number (nnn) all came from the Flames of War German SS paint set. Unfortunately they are not numbered, and as yet I haven’t looked up their replacement numbers. If you know them, feel free to post in the comments.

Autumn Camo

  1. Base coat of Camo Pale Brown (70.825)
  2. Flesh wash
  3. Dry brush base Camo Pale Brown to bring the colour back
  4. Add Splotches of Light Brown (70.929), taking care to avoid recesses to keep the shading
  5. Add dots of Camo Orange Ochre (70.824) over pale Light Brown splotches
  6. Add splotches Camo Black Brown (70.822)
  7. Add dots of Chocolate Brown (70.872) over Camo Black Brown splotches, and add Chocolate Brown dots over Camo Pale Brown& Camo Orange Ochre
  8. Add dots of Camo Orange Ochre over the Chocolate Brown.

Spring Camo

  1. Base coat of Camo Bright Green (70.833)
  2. Green wash
  3. Dry brush base Camo Bright Green to bring the colour back
  4. Add Splotches of Beasty Brown (72.043), taking care to avoid recesses to keep the shading
  5. Add splotches of Black (72.051)
  6. Add splotches Camo Dark Green (70.979) over the black splotches
  7. Add dots of Camo Bright Green over Camo Dark Green and Beasty Brown splotches.

Standard Uniform

  1. German Field grey (70.830)
  2. Black Wash
  3. Dry-brush Russian uniform (70.924)


  1. German Grey (70.995)
  2. Black wash
  3. Dry brush German Grey

Bread bag, gaiters and ammo pouches

  1. Green Grey (70.886)
  2. Wash with a watered down German Grey (70.995)
  3. Dry brush Green Grey


Uniforms reference http://www.militarymodelling.com

WWII German Mortar Shell colours http://www.militarymodelling.com

Bolt Action’s Article on Painting Plane Tree http://www.warlordgames.com/painting-waffen-ss-plane-tree-camouflage/