While I’ve been a gamer for some 20 odd years, my own personal terrain collection is minimal. This is largely due to the fact that I’ve always been very involved in the gaming community, and indeed started one of the long running clubs locally. As a result, a majority of the terrain I have build has been for the greater community. Following that I have run a few events for Bushido and built some terrain for that which is mine, but again largely for the greater good.

As a result, I have little of my own 28mm terrain save the odd piece cobbled together for a specific purpose , “boxed set” stuff like 40k ruins or Mordheim card & plastic terrain, and really theme specific stuff like Necromunda.

All of these terrain collections have been designed for the mass audience and/or large volumes, and as such there’s a couple of key design considerations; Cheap, Durable, Practical, & Fast. There’s nothing wrong with these terrain collections, but what they do is sacrifice a level of quality to achieve these goals. Forests are super durable when they are plastic Christmas trees glued to a base. Buildings like my Necro Shanties are cheap when they are just card on a CD base. The gaming surface itself is practical when it’s mono-green. However, overall I look at these collections and I know that they could be better. I look at Model Train dioramas and think we could be gaming on that kind of quality. I don’t think that’s practical on a games club scale for all the reasons of durability, storage and the punishment this environment brings, but for my personal collection I’m determined to do better.

Given my latest game of choice is Bolt Action, that seemed like good place to start. It’s obviously rewarding when the terrain you just made gets to instantly hit the table. My good friend Von Alder created some hedges from a door mat and blogged about it on Tabletop Monsters a few weeks ago. This seemed like a stroke of brilliance, and given I had left over door mat from making fields for Flames of War I set too the task almost immediately.

It seems the harsh Australian summer had perished the rubber in places on my door mat which has been stored in the shed for some time, but I think it’s still ok for use as terrain.As I also have plans tyo build roads making enough to line those roads and cutting them to similar lengths and shapes gave me a starting point, and I set to the mat with a sharp knife. The result…




Not quite there yet but a good starting point. A litte brown looking even for the autumn setting I have in mind. I’ve recently purchased an airbrush and this seemed like the perfect time to try it out on something that didnt require a great deal of skill. Add some green to the top, and some brown to the sides at the base as it’s otherwise grey.





Overall I am very happy with how these turned out.  

hedge_end1 hedge_end2   full_hedge


Next up a ruined building.