Just thought I would make a quick post about how I blog for something different.

Short Answer: On the run! Most of this post was typed on the train on my daily commute to work. If I get any more time pressed I’m going to be using voice-to-text and that’s going to end in a disaster… I make enough typos using my hands.

However, theres a few tricks I’ve picked up I thought I’d share.

I do a lot of stub articles in draft and then polish them at the PC. So voice-to-text isn’t actually as much of a disaster as it could be, raw and unedited. This helps me put down a bulk of a post and then flesh it out later. I’m still not super proficient with mobile decives, and far more efficient on the PC. So that is a much more friendly platform to work from when it comes to adding media and images compared to the tablet version. However, the fact I can type on my commute is a huge boon! I’ve tried maintaining websites in the past and I just dont have the time. WordPress gives me a heap of options from phone to tablet to PC.

Drafts also help keep a reminder for myself of the many things I have on the go, or want to write about. Space requirements often mean a project gets boxed up and potentially forgotton about. So, it’s kind of a ‘to do’ list for me as well. When I am busy, I might get time on my commute to put down a title, perhaps a few words as well, this is enough of a place holder for me to write blog posts later on. The Painting 9th SS article is a great example. I’d been referring to the draft post to remimbd myself for which paints I had used for weeks, adding another section as I got around to painting it. Tweaking itas a found better ways to paint a section, all before I had the time to polish it to the point I was happy to publish it.

A lot of these posts are scheduled too. Sometimes I have a few hours I can use and might write two or three articles and then schedule their release. Sounds like cheating but there are a few good reasons for this. Firstly a huge single article covering everthing I’ve been doing in the past week would be a a lot to take in. I don’t want to be posting a book! just a short sharp article that’s to the point.

You may have also noticed they only deal with one thing at a time. That’s nothing at all like the way I work. I’ll have a dozen projects on the go at once, but if I posted like that all you would see work is in progress almost likely miss the finished product! Plus if you wanted to follow the step-by-step process you’d have to serach the blog with the right tags and hope it all comes together sequentially. By sticking with a single topic I can cover the whole process from beginning to end. The down side is some projects never reach completion, and I have a few Necromunda based articles that are half written waiting for me to finish the project, something thats fallen by the way side as the Necromunda campaign I was playing in has also fallen aside. Who is interested in a half complete job right?

Scheduling also means I can time the releases over a few weeks. This means I can (hopefully) keep a steady stream of posts coming out without having to stress because “Real Life” has gotten particularly busy. Like the last month or two I still get those gaps, but that’s a real reflection of life being so busy I am having almost no time for hobby stuff! It does mean I have to be careful about time based words “yesterday”, but thats a minor thing to track.

Finally, scheduling means I can time the release so you get to read it on your daily commute. Well, depending on your timezone of course. This blog is still pretty new, so I haven’t yet used the analytics to look at what counties read the blog, but in theory with enough data I could see when a majority of my readers are up, and time the post release accordingly.

Well, thats about it. I hope you find this a refreshing change of pace from the usual usual Hobby related stuff.

And yes, this was scheduled 😀