I’m entering Alpha Strikes “Succession of Kings”, a local Wrath of Kings tournament and was too lazy to do all the optioneering on paper. So, I wrote up this list handy Conquest of Kings selector (.xlsx) which lets me pick all my units and makes sure I stay within the limits of the Conquest of Kings (.pdf) tournament rules.

My list couldn’t be simpler;

Gar the Gladiator
Six Carcharian Frenzies
Gutter Friar
Six Sevridan Gutters
One Orsund Cavalry

Having played this game only one game to date, I have no idea how it’s going to go, but the aim here is largely to have most of the cool models infantry painted up for the event, and have a lot of fun on the day.  Here’s most of the models except the Orsund Cavalry assembled & ready for undercoating


Two weeks to go!