Last week I had to spend a couple of nights out of town as I was helping out with training at one of my workplaces regional depots. So, I packed my Wrath of Kings models and a bunch of paints to see how much painting I could get done in a motel room.

Overall I’d rate ths experiment a mixed success. The biggest problem by far was lighting. The desk lamp at the motel had a lampshade that prevented any direct lighting. It was also less than a simple task to remove it, so I didnt even try. Instead, I jacked it up on a toilet paper roll. Even this didnt really give me any decent light unless I was almost directly under it.

Next problem was remembering all the colours I needed and naturally I left something behind. In this case a black wash. This limited how much I could do on the shark men so I focused mostly on the Sevridan Gutters (Jellyfishmen). Lacking a little in paints aside I managed to get base colours down on both sharkmen and the Sevridans.

The lack of lighting again was an issue when it came to taking photos as well, but here it is the progress as it sat last Friday.


A good start but not really all that exciting. However, it was a much needed jump start to the tourney prep for this Sunday, and this post was more about what can be achieved on the road.

Since I have got back I have finished the Sevridans and sharkmen (I really must learn their proper name) and I will get some images up as soon as I get home in ti e to take advantage of some decent daylight.