Given my painting pace has been going so well I decided to add Calith Reavers to my list for the Conquest of Kings event.

However, I didn’t assemble them till Tuesday, only 5 days before the Sunday event. So, painting was going to be a challenge. Then it struck upon me how I might “speed paint” them using Army painted spray cans I already own.

Here’s the cleaned & assembled models. Apologies for the horrible image quality, winter has returned to Perth and getting good daylight when I am home is a rare thing. As you can see, I like to base up before undercoating.For my Hadross force I’ve gone for a beach theme, so lots of sandy or limestone bases, water effects, and not a blade of grass in sight.


These were undercoated black, ensuring all the nooks and cranny’s were covered. Once dry they were then sprayed with a Bone White from a couple of feet away. This time rather than getting all the angles I focused more on the top and a 45° angle. This left some darker shading under the model.

This time, once dry the model was masked up with some masking tape, covering the base, the waist, and on one of them the upper legs. The models were then taped down to my spray painting tray (a shoebox lid) so they could be held on the side. I then sprayed Dragon Red on the top only.

The end result looks like this…


The whole model is then given a brown wash. I favor GW’s Reikland Fleshwash for all my brown wash needs. Once the wash is thoroughly dry the model is dry brushed with Dragon Red to bring the color back, then Orange Fire (Game Color 72.008) and finally a very light dry brush of Bone White. I also used the bone white to go back over the bone colored areas to bring the color back out again.


The final step is to pick out all the details like leather pouches, the armor, the barnacles, the eyes, and the base edges. All up, not a bad effort for an evenings work.