One of the contributing factors to my slow down in posts recently has been Wrath of Kings. As mentioned in my Calith Reaver speed painting post, I’ve been busily churning out a skirmish level army with a week to the event. While Succession of Kings was last Sunday, and through a mammoth effort I managed to finish the whole army, display base, and objectives.

I still haven’t managed the time to take photo’s, so all images in this post are (perhaps obviously) courtesy of Alpha Strike who ran the event. You can see the whole Gallery on TGA’s (who hosted the venue) facebook page.

This is the whole on their display base. It’s compact and elite in nature, but activation efficient. Options for the event were 2 Calith Reavers (Crabs) or three Sevridan Gutters (Jellyfishmen). The rock spires are my objectives for Land Grab.

hadross board

My Carcharian Frenzies taking on the wolves of Goritsi.


Nasier took out the top two places in the event. This was the one game I made some serious mistakes in beginning to end. Largely I think I was over-confident in the sharks ability to smash through the enemy lines and the dice punished me for it.


Overall I came in third, so go 3rd pick off this table of awesome prizes. Alpha Strike also had a 15% off sale so I added to my bounty another box of infantry to bring me up to almost a full Skirmish force.

prizes table

Overall, for a Kickstarter I bought for the models only, Wrath of Kings has turned out to be a a neat little wargame and I am hoping to see more produced for it, and a growing community to support it here in Perth. One day I’ll get a gallery post up of all my Hadross.