Painting my Orsund Cavalry for Hadross (Wrath of Kings) I discovered it has 7 arms, not 8! I’ve been sold a septopus!!

I wanted to be able to dual use the Orsund Kraken as a Kraken in D&D and the like so magnetised the rider so he could be easily removed. This also means he can be removed for transport reducing the breakage chances on that trident.

Basic paint scheme for this one is…

  • Base coat Chocolate Brown 70.872
  • Dry brush leather brown 72040
  • Dry brush camo orange ochre
  • Squid pink tentacles ( Game color 13)
  • Baal Red wash (GW)

The end result looks something like this…


Not a whole lot more to do, just picking out the details of the various boney spines, teeth, eyes, etc and of course the rider. Here’s the final Septopus pre-water effects.


… and with his rider

hadross00005 hadross00004

Water effects are taking ages on these guys because the base is basically a bowl and I am filling it 0.5mm at a time!