Its been far too long between posts but the good news is I have been too busy painting and playing games!

One of those things was my long neglected panzer and mechanised infantry companied for Flames of War. I took these in our last campaign with the intent the campaign would incentivise me to finish them. Sadly that didnt work and i ended up fielding the same force over and over. I didn’t even build half of what I had. However, the campaign was so successful we all immediately started talking about the next one.

Setting the period seemed to be a good starting point and after some brief chat about other periods such as the Great War, Vietnam and Arab-Israeli war we came back to late war WWII. This was a decision largely landed on because we all own this period, a few of us (not just me) need the motivation to paint the models, and well, who really needs an excuse to buy more tanks.

We picked the Firestorm Lorraine mini campaign as two of the core players have Germans, and two Americans, and this location saw some of the biggest German vs American Tank battles during WWII. Looking at the lists available and based on the experience from our last campaign in Caen, I knew I would need some more vehicles, especially AA and organised a group order. You know, because when you are not motivated to paint wwhat you have the logical next step is to buy more.

This was the previous state of my armoured forces.


tanks00001 tanks00002

As you can see a real mix of painted, in progress, undercoated, and unpainted models. I also enjoyed a week off work and during this time assembled about 8 Panzer IVs, three Whirlwinds, and 5 SdKfz 250/17s (I did say I needed more AA support). I figured the least I could do is get them all a consistant dungelb, so I broke out the airbrush. I took this shot before I had retrieved the majority of the forces from their case.


The airbrush really got a hammering this session and the overheat protection kicked in once, but I did get them all done in a couple of hours, including the first camoflague colour, before I had to call it a day because it was getting dark and cold.


The camoflage is a lot faster to apply and the second colour took much less time when I picked up the next day. A company or two worth of vehicles painted to “ready to detail” level in a few hours.


While I still use my brush I dont think I could go without my airbrush now. This level of painting would have taken me weeks to achive with a brush. Oh and I also base coated a bloodbowl team, undercoated a couple of necromunda models, and base coated another 10 Wrath of Kings models during this time!

Panzers ready for action. Now all we need is the rest of the crew to be ready to kick off the campaign.