There has been a big gap in my regular posting here, and that’s largely due to the fact of recent times I’ve been playing many different games, and haven’t been focused on one particular game. In hobby terms this has me hopping all over the place doing a little bit of Bolt Action, a little bit of Flames of War, etc. without really completing anything!

However, I now have deadlines! There’s a Wrath of Kings tourney coming up at the end of the month at one of the local games clubs (TGA) and it has ramped up the game level to Battle level. This means I am going to need more models, and if they are hitting the table, they are going to need to be painted.

Fortunately the last event I attended I painted an excess of models for while I was working out what to take. Shortly after that event I added a Deep Caller, four Deepmen Guardians and a Deepman Kaxes to lead them.

That’s given me a head start, and playing with some lists I think I probably only need to add a few more models to hit that Battle level. So, I have assembled another Deep Caller, Torvash the Bannerman, Ilva the Syren, and two Carcharian Frenzy Chargers.


I’m aiming to give all these guys a test run tomorrow. We shall see who still makes the grade after that.