It wasn’t so long ago that I posted some post-tournament shots of my Hadross force for Wrath of Kings. Not a whole lot has happened since then except more & more water effects. Alas the water effect on the Servidans was somewhat ruined by a dodgey batch of GW Water effect, but that’s another blog post. This time, I thought I’d post about the though process that goes into painting the Hadross, and a bit of a tutorial on how I painted them.

I wanted to maintain a consistent theme throughout the force, but at the same time I had strong preferences for the Sevridans (glowy green), the Carcharians (Great White Sharks), Orsund Kraken (Sandy), and the Calith Reavers (Red or blue Crabs). A huge range of colours already!

With such a range of colours already locked in I needed a consistent armour colour to bring the whole force together. I started thinking about black armour to vary from the CMON studio scheme, but that would have blended in too much with the carcharians. I considered blue but then was left with a decision on what to paint any “cloth” areas, and potentially blend with the Reavers. In the end I decided to go with the turquoise because it’s a colour I don’t use much, and it really does fit in well for an aquatic force. As it’s an aquatic force metal weapons seemed wrong, they would just rust, so I went bronze. Sure magic could explain all… I still went bronze for something different.

So this left me with a plan of;

Carcharians – Skin: Black/grey back, white/light grey front
Sevridans –  Skin: bright green!
Deepmen –   Skin: Pallid grey
Reavers – Carapace: cream underside, red top

In my opinion the key to good (brush) painting is neatness. This saves a lot of time, and means I can work initially very messily from the deepest parts of the model outwards getting neater as each layer is applied. In most cases I an dry brushing with a GW 1/4″ round tank brush. What follows ia breakdown of colours and basic techniques used to paint the various creatures of the Hadross army.

I’ll follow that up with armour & weapons as these remain consistent across all the army to ensure it binds together. It is after all an army, and their armour is their uniform.


These guys were simpler to paint than they look. Basically after the black undercoat  I dry brushed up the back of the model with a Vallejo Black Grey (70.862). Then the front got a similar treatment with Vallejo Wolf Grey (72.047)  working up to the full color and a final highlight of Dead White (72.001).

No in progress shots of these guys I am afraid, I was way too busy trying to get them ready for the tournement to stop to take photos. However, as the last event was a ksirmish level I only need one leader, and I took the character leader Gar. So I still have two unit leaders to paint, and I am going to try to paint using a similar technique, but with an airbrush! Stay tuned to hear how that goes 😀


I posted a WiP shot of these guys back in my article painting on the road. These guys are basically painted Army Painter “Greenskin” green, washed with Citadel Beil-Tan shade (or whatever it is called now) and the progressively dry brushed with Vallejo Escorpena Green (72.032).



Deepmen Guardians are pretty much all armour. Some have bare arms, but basically the are 90% turquoise. So that how they are painted. The model is painted Vallejo Turquoise (72.024) and and areas of cloth Imperial Blue (72.020), then the whole model is given a Citadel Drakenhoff Nightshade wash, and then dry brushed turquoise or imperial blue respectively for the highlights. Then tentacles are picked out in the same colours as the Sevridans above. Arms are painted Vallejo Wolf Grey (72.047) and given a Vallejo Black wash.

Here is a work in progress shot just prior to the bases being finished.



See my Speed painting Calith Reavers article.


Weapons & Armour

As noted in Deepmen above, armour is painted Vallejo Turquoise (72.024) and given a Citadel Drakenhoff Nightshade wash, and then dry brushed turquoise again. Hadross features a lot of stitching in the armour, and this is all picked out along with any raised features on the armour (such as the House Hadross crest), with Leather Brown (72.040) and given a very careful wash of Citadel Reikland Fleshshade.

Weapons are painted Brassy Brass (72.058) and finally washed with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade. Spear shafts are painted Beasty Brown (72.043) and then washed with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade. For the Deepmen Kaxes I did something different and their weapon looked like bones, so these were painted Vallejo Bone White (72.034), washed with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade, and then dry brushed up with Bone White again.

Finishing Touches

After the model is varnished with Testors Dullcote, any metallic parts I want to shine are picked out again. If befitting of the models rank Hadross icons are picked out in gold.