Inspired by these awesome shots from Oshiro Model Terrain I asked a few questions and then set about making some of my own sections.

No step-by-step for this unfortunately. As usual far too keen to get some test pieces made and on the table. As I expand the trench-line though I will endeavor to remember to do a step-by-step. Each main piece is 12″ long, and exactly the same width at the ends, but may vary across the length. This means, perhaps obviously, that the pieces all line up seamlessly regardless of which ones are connected.



I also created a destroyed end section. In hindsight this doesn’t join up quite as well as the any section will have a flat edge showing. So, I might make up another destroyed section to create a joiner onto this end.



I also made two end pieces. These can be used to turn the trench 90 degrees, or end the trench. They can also be used together to make a gun pit.

trench00003 trench00004