Every year I run a a tournament called Iron Dragon for GCT Studio’s Bushido game. This inevitably is preceded with some intensive practice game sessions for players who’ve been out of the scene for a while (so many great games out there now), which in turn draw new players into the game.

So, these practice sessions often include a lot of demo games as well, and I find myself repeating the same mantra on what Bushido is all about. So, if you are not lucky enough to live in Perth WA, here is what I generally tell people up front about the game.

Bushido Basics:

Each scenario has 3 VP’s
Without exception, this is a core mechanic of the game. Both players are fighting over a share of 3 victory points. Sometimes these are scored over the course of the game, sometimes they can be up for grabs right to the last dice roll. It’s also a scenario driven game, so keep your eyes on the prize. You can quite easily wipe out your opponent and lose in some scenarios.

Alternate Activations
Come in the form of either 2 simple actions of 1 complex action per model. Once your opponent has used all his activations you are free to use the remainder. Some factions like Prefecture of Ryu have the ability to generate “pass” tokens, so they can get to see your actions before taking action themselves.

You can reach out and hurt your opponent on their attack!
During combat you have a dice pool to spread across both Attack and Defense. The active player is usually resolving their attack first (there are exceptions) but this means if you have enough dice in your melee pool you can both defend their attack and slip a counter attack in. This means every combat encounter has a poker element of trying to work out how to distribute your dice, and how your opponent will distribute their.

Rules are free
Yep, free. Go to GCT’s website and down load them. Each model has a card, and you can also get access to these through the GCT store. New releases are usually a month of so behind.

Beautiful models
Ok, this bit I don’t have to explain, the models speak for themselves. Beautifully detailed and thematic, the models have a steady release rate and each one brings something new to the table.


Oh, and if you do live in Perth, I’m running a regular Dojo at Gamagori on a Wednesday Night. Drop by and check it out.