Recently I was discussing with someone how simple it can be to expand on the Temple of Ro-kan starter set if you are not a fan of the core starter. Master Ekusa is very defensive in his play style, and Rice Farmers suffer from cowardly, and are pretty poor in combat. While Bushido is not just about combat, I find new players just wanna get stuck in, and tend to overlook Temple for less subtle factions like Prefecture or Savage Wave. So here’s a pretty cheap option that will bring some punch to the monks.

Master Ekusa Riku
Atsuko Minor Earth Kami
Rice Farmer Minor Air Kami

Kami are cheap options for replacing the Rice Farmers but cost 4 rice (Bushido uses rice not points) a piece, which would put you over the limit. However, if we replace Master Ekusa with the cheaper Riku and we are back at 35 Rice. Riku isn’t a Master, but he’s a solid monk with the ability to create a wall of water to push opponents off the objectives. He’s also good at giving as good as he gets.

Of all the Kami I think Earth and Air are the best for this style list. Neither can take a lot of damage, but Earth has the Brutal and Durable traits, as well as Armour and the ability to grant Armour to one model in base-to-base. You can also choose to sacrifice it at the start of turn to give another model durable, which could be useful in a critical situation.

The Air Kami is less useful in combat, but can fly, and is hard to pin down (try catching the wind) and it’s ranged attack allows you to re-position enemy models. It can grant extra movement and the ability to ignore difficult terrain to one model should the need for speed arise.

So for two more blister packs you could replace all the farmers without losing out on any activations. Also, chuck Ekusa and the two rice farmers back in you have a 50 rice list. So what’s the down side?

Well, as I keep mentioning, Bushido isn’t all about combat. This brings more punch monk, but at the cost of two models who can interact with objectives. This means your opponent can focus on the monks, without worrying too much about the kami heading off and scoring victory points. Similarly, monks can’t punch if they are busy interacting with scenario objectives. However, if your scenario is VIM (Very Important Model) based, then this is probably less of an issue.

Another option for this list is to pick up the second Special Card pack for the Righteous Warriors card. As the list above already meets the criteria, you get one of the kami for free, meaning you can stretch the rice to pick up Suchiro, instead of Riku. Suchiro brings even more hurt to combat, and has the ability to Rise should he lose all his wounds. You also end up with a few rice spare to pick up some other cards.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought if you are considering the Temple of Ro-kan as a Bushido Force.

How would you swicth out the starter? Who is your favorite monk? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts.