With Iron Dragon just over a week away everyone should be madly painting or building boards. As such there may be a few items you hadn’t thought of. Fortunately your friendly TO has a few quick & easy solutions.

Area of Control templates

The Ryodo scenario that will be run will need three 4″ templates. I’ve created these in word and pdf for easy print & play. There’s also three 30mm templates for The Idols scenario, but seriously folks, three 30mm round shoulder bases, and you are 50% of the way there.

MS Word (.docx) – Ryodo templates

PDF – Ryodo templates


Special Attack / Defense cards

In a tournament scenario it’s probably a little more important to get the declaration of special attacks & defenses right. While GCT do make these, here’s some templates so you can print them and slip them into an artwork sleeve (I have the GCT ones which are are much nicer btw)

MS Word (.docx) – SASD Cards

PDF – SASD Cards


Rules & Errata

And of course you will need the rules, errata, and the tournament pack (for the scenarios). These can be acquired from the GCT Rules page but here’s direct links (as at today).

Print Friendly Bushido rules direct link

Errata direct link

Tournament pack direct link