Today’s post is a bit of a blast from the past, but this is such a great conversion I wanted to share it all over again. Back when I was preparing my Ito clan for Iron Dragon 2 I wanted to slither into new hobby realms and use some pre-fabricated base toppers. I had previously steered away from these but I wanted something different for the Ito clan, and found some great ones by Dark Age that feature a subtle snake motif. Mounting the Ito clan on them however presented some additional challenges and some patch work.

Kenzo Ito
This hebiman samurai is meant to sit on a flat base, so it needed a fair bit of work done on the tail to fill the gaps. I even had to cut the coiled tail in two places and re-pose to fit around the stone rubble.


This shot shows the original tail piece, with some red arrows indicating the places where I had to cut the model.

You can see here a fair bit of new tail work was needed rebuilding where the tail would ordinarily sit flat.


And where the tail crosses the main body there was a void that needed filling in.


Other minor works include re-cutting the skin texture where the end of the tail contacted it and the tail decoration itself. Painted up, the final product looks very natural on the base topper.


Since 2013 this guy has had to have the pole of his weapon rebuilt as the soft metal pole bent one too make times in transport. To do that the weapon head and snake were carefully removed, and holes drilled through the hands where the weapon shafted passed, and the entire length was replaced with thin brass rod. If you are just assembling Kenzo I recommend doing this as part of the initial conversion work!