Well Iron Dragon is done & dusted for another year. This year was one of the closest fought I have seen in a while, and was far from “in the bag” for anyone up to the final round.

From a TO’s perspective this Iron Dragon was the closest result of all. Most Honorable came down to tie breaker (Most Honorable of the day votes), and I had to pull in a secret guest judge to help split the Best Painted. Even the Daimyo award was down to the final round, and depending on results could have gone to any of the top 3 players.

It was also awesome to see so many custom tables. I only needed to supply 1 table this year!

Final awards were as follows…

DAIMYO OF THE IRON DRAGON (Best General) – Drew Lovell (Cult of Yurei)
MOST HONOURABLE OPPONENT (Sportsmanship) – Simon Addicott (Temple of Rokan)
CHIKEI NO SENSHI AWARD (Best Custom board) – Simon Addicott (Temple of Rokan)
GOLDEN ONI – (Best Painted War band) – Adrian Scott (Temple of Rokan)
CHOPSTICKS OF WISDOM – (Last Place) – Zen Fairborn (Savage Wave)

Full results looked like this…