Another minor conversion made in the lead up to an Iron Dragon tournament, the massive two headed snake Yatsumata did not require anywhere as much work as Kenzo, but there was still some patch work needed to make him fit the Dark Age base topper I have running throughout my force. Like Kenzo, Yatsumata was designed to sit on a flat base, so some bending to get him to sit on the crumbling stone base was needed. Nothing much here required in the way of tools, just some brute force. Once he was sitting relatively flat, with some decent contact points, he was super glued down and then “grey stuff” was used to rebuild the tail underside.


The model was then painted up to match the rest of my Ito clan. A truly terrifying beast, this model makes a fantastic centre piece to the force.

Here’s that tail section.


and the beast in all its glory.