After Iron Dragon this year I decided to keep the ball rolling with a “slow grow” league (more on this in a later post). As much of my Ito clan is already painted, I decided to start a new faction. I have always been attracted to the gambler side of the Silvermoon Syndicate, but like many others put off by the whole idea of painting tattoos. Silvermoon are also one of the lesser played factions locally.

Senpu is a wonderfully dynamic pose model; charging at the enemy, Butterfly swords held out to either side.

Alas this means they are the widest part of the model, most likely to get bumped or knocked on the table or in transport.The pose also means there is no way to “cheat” and repose to get two points of contact.

Like many of the models in the starter set Senpu has small joins at the wrist that are almost too small to pin…. almost. Having gone through some of the pain of not pinning with my Cult of Yurei I decided to give pinning Senpu a crack. At worst I’d have to use green stuff to rebuild the arm.

I started out drilling into the main part of the model, down the arm. This required close alignment of the drill to ensure it went straight down the arm, and no small amount of nerves of steel! After about 2mm of depth I decided not to push my luck any further.


Having drilled out the arm I cut out a tiny pin from a paperclip, and super glued it into the socket. I left more protruding than needed so I could trim it to suit once I had drilled the hand.


I then set to work on the hand, again taking it slow and making sure everything was lined up for a straight drill.


With the hand attached I mounted Senpu on a resin base, and set to work on the other hand.


Unfortunately the model is still in running pose and going to be weak at the leg/ankle but I’m just going to have to take that as it comes.