Well, no news isn’t always good news. In the case of my hobby blog there have been no updates as there hasn’t been much progress on the hobby front. Seasonal holidays draw near and I am sure that will see me generating some new posts, hopefully plenty to see me through the year, and possibly finish a few projects I started earlier this year like the modular housing project for Bolt Action, and some Necromunda terrain & conversions that never quite got finished.

I have managed to actually play some games, but largely it’s been board games. We did put the final nail in a Flames of War Lorraine campaign with a huge Total War scenario around the town of Nancy. I even spent a good hour and a half writing up a report on it only to have WordPress mobile app fail to upload it, then wiped the whole article on the attempted resend! You’ll just have to settle for the short version. Axis won with a minor victory. Allies failed to gain any ground. The war won’t be over by Christmas after all. Here’s a few shots of the awe inspiring wall of tanks.




It’s around this time of the year I start to look to the new year ahead and think about what gaming I’ll be shooting for. Black Friday sales seem to have loaded me up with plenty of things for Bolt Action, and there’s a small “slow grow” Bolt Action league starting early next year which should inspire me to get back to my 9th Hohenstaufen. While the slow grow league is early war (up to 1942) I should be able to slip in my SS as the camouflage I have chosen was around Barbarossa SS units at that time, and as long as I steer clear of late war equipment my forces should be legal.

I’ve also just bought into a new game. 7TV! by Crooked Dice games puts you behind the camera, determining the action on a TV show. Something completely different for miniatures games! The whole system works through the movie genre, and dangerously I can see this system applying to any miniatures! There’s even a Scooby Doo supplement! I’ve played a single game of this as the rules are a free download, but that was enough to hook me in and buy into the “Dicestarter”, picking up a bunch of minions and the brilliant evil mastermind figure. I am very much looking forward to building my secret lair deep in a volcano… mwahahahaha… MWAHAHAHAHAHA.


Ahem, anyway spies, minions, schutzstaffel, volcanic lairs… I am looking forward to 2016!