Work continues on the 9th Hohenstaufen, and another five soldiers have been completed, mostly in Autumn pattern camouflage.


The designated NCO in this batch is wearing very early Splinter pattern uniform. This was really just an impulse test to see what it looked like, and probably should have picked a Necromunda ganger rather than go to town on a Bolt Action figure. While I am very happy with the result in hindsight I’m not 100% sure this pattern was issued to the SS, and as the work in progress shots below show he certainly has more of a Heer feel about him compared to the rest of the force. So, to bring him back in line the final model got Autumn camouflage pants which helps him blend back into the main force. I figure it’s his lucky jacket from 1939 (Which is going to make it VERY lucky in the late war force!)

boltaction00016 boltaction00017

These five models bring me up to 405 points. While the Lt’s adjunct does have an assault rifle, for my early war games this is going to have to “count as” an SMG until I can get enough points painted up.

So, February 2016’s goal is complete! 405 points of “Early War” Barbarossa SS.


I’m keeping the momentum going, and have another five on the bench. The March 2016 goal for the campaign is 600 points, so I am aiming to have that done by the end of 2015 to stay well ahead of the deadlines. If nothing else it’s going to give me some options for the smaller points games.