Hope you all had a great 2015! I thought I’d add to this years 1st post with a review of 2015.

2015 started out for me on a Necromunda binge. A new campaign had started and for the first time I’d taken a “proper” gang rather than an Outlander gang and I hammered out a bunch of terrain. I’d kicked off this blog to help me with momentum just before Christmas 2014. The plan for the year ahead was Necromunda, & more X-wing. As Moltke the Elder is often misquoted “No plan survives contact”.

By February my resolve for Bolt Action gave way, and I picked up my first Waffen-SS models, and March saw the start of these getting painted, and a bit of Bushido model clearance to make room (and funding) for more.

April saw a lot of my time heading the Bloodbowl way for the State Championships, for which I was quite honored to have picked up a “Peoples Choice” placement on the team. While I consider myself a competent Bloodbowl player, I’ve never been a league or tournament champion. Sadly a love for the game doesn’t make your dice roll any better and while the team were gracious enough to allow me to take Orcs (a team I have done very well with in the past) I finished 2nd to dead last in a weekend where no dice could produce a favorable result.

May saw a return to Bolt Action, but this time with a focus on terrain. Hedges, a ruined farmhouse, and a first foray into making terrain molds to build walls with the ultimate aim of modular building construction (something I have only just got back to!).

June was all Wrath of Kings. A local club was running a Conquest of Kings tournament, and while I had picked up the models for the models, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to drive the painting muse and set myself some deadlines. I also got to try out some new spray painting techniques to really quickly paint my Calith Reavers. July & August was a bit of a hobby update loss as I was all over the place playing a bit of this, and a bit of that, but I did manage a little terrain building and some additional Hadross models for Wrath of Kings.

August was all Bushido. Iron Dragon IV kicked off a bunch of activity and I received my Ninjas from the Kickstarter. After the Iron Dragon there was still some demand for the system, so I kicked off a very slow grow league. December saw me back to Bolt Action. A local club started a slow grow league for Bolt Action, and that gave me some inspiration to get back to painting SS and finished off my first 400 points.

For 2016, the forecast is more Bolt Action. As well as my 9th SS Panzer Division, I’ve picked up enough Warlord British miniatures to start a project I’ve been considering for some time; Canadians. I’ve also got some Crooked Dice 7TV! miniatures coming in so some Spy-fi is in the wind. I’ve already received some of the lovely spy mini’s from Hasselfree; Alexander, Jason, Destiny and Maya. I’m also determined to get back to that modular mold project and have started on masters for a wall with door & 2 windows, and a wall with 3 windows.

Whats your plan for 2016, I’d love to hear in the comments what you’ve got planned.