Having been working pretty solidly on my 9th SS I decided I needed a break from plane tree camouflage! It’s not that I don’t enjoy painting it, it just gets a bit old after a while. Well, it may well also have something to do with me receiving the brilliant Kriegsclaw Gruppe from Eureka miniatures Pulpitations range, and that the 7TV! game by Crooked Dice will support, well, pretty much everything. The final tipping point for me was the rumors of a Weird War II game from Warlord games – Konflikt 47. While I think it will more likely go down the path of WWII themed battletech style mechs, it was the final excuse to get a hold of these minis. 

I continue to be impressed by the quality of mini coming out of the Eureka factory. There were few mold lines, and the models went together like a dream.

Here’s a couple of real close up shots. taking these made me realise I have missed a couple of details in the painting. Amazing what you pick up when you get the image 5x it’s actual size!

boltaction00034 boltaction00047


… and here is the whole Kriegsclaw Gruppe

boltaction00046 boltaction00045 boltaction00043 boltaction00042 boltaction00041 boltaction00040 boltaction00039 boltaction00036 boltaction00035