The Panzer II is such an iconic early war tank I just had to include one. The simple grey colour scheme was super fast to paint and I was briefly tempted to go a brown camo pattern. In the end I stuck with plain grey and opted to muddy it up instead.

I intended to follow Dan Hoyt’s great Baking Soda Mud tutorial, but let enthusiasm get the better of me. Instead of water I used PVA glue with the idea it would add some strength. I also added the PVA to the baking soda, which instantly turned to a gritty plastic. Adding water and paint seemed to help, so I slapped it down on the tank and hoped for the best. The whole unit was pretty sopping wet at this point, so I chucked it outside to dry. While the harsh Australian sun dried it fast, the side exposed to the sun went a white and salty looking.

Fortunately this could be painted over and I was able to bring the depth of colour back with Brown, leather and sand paints, and a brown wash. I’m pretty happy with the final result, but I think next time I might just stick to Dan’s instructions before trying to “improve” on it.


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