Played a practice game tonight in a small, 400 point game to help us stumble through the rules and remember how to play. It’s not like I have really forgotten the rules, more a case of trying to remember which rules apply to Bolt Action!

I like a nice story with my skirmish games, so we played the Downed Pilot mission, with a twist that the pilot was a defecting German spy. I mean, it was SS vs Australians, so may as well have been played out in Hawaii in terms of historical accuracy 😉 Unfortunately the mission isn’t really clear…

Is it a modified Hold Until Relieved? Or just a regular fight with an additional objective deployed in a similar fashion as Hold Until Relieved? Who deploys where? We played it as “Hold Until Relieved” with the exception that the objective is placed last, which had challenges of it’s own, like how do you deploy within 6″ of an objective that isn’t deployed?

Rather than a blow by blow account, here’s some pictures.

The Allies make contact with the spy and wait for reinforcements while the SS close the pincer…


The spy moves in behind the Aussies, secret beer recipe safe in his briefcase…


The Australians form a firing line against one of the SS units ….


The spy legs it down the road while the SS ponder how we could have deployed differently and actually managed to get the spy in range of some guns :|


The spy makes good his escape and the Aussies secure the secret recipe for Forex beer… little do they suspect the Germans sabotage was complete :wink:


After that I was pretty much down to two units vs five, and the SS were wiped out by turn 6 (with the SS 1st Lt making a suicidal charge to end the game).

At 400 points on a 4×4 table, there just wasn’t really the units or the space to deploy. In hindsight I should have put all my units at the back of the Australian forces, as that’s the direction the spy was going. At least then I may have got a shot off at the spy. A sniper may have also been a better choice than an MMG but I had built my force on the basis of take-on-all-comers rather than the scenario. Mind you, a sniper would certainly have been in theme.

None-the-less it was a much needed return to the rules, and much page flipping was to be had while we tried to remember which rules go with Bolt Action.