Since our rennovations upheaval I’ve been too busy actually playing games, and preparing for playing games, that I haven’t really had much time for processing photo’s and posting to my blog. Ok, so maybe there was some PC gaming in there too :D So here’s a quick update on where I am at with my many (and rapidly growing in diversity) projects.

On the painting bench

there are 6x Fallschirmjaeger, my stalled-still-waiting-for-a-crew-replacement Sd Kfz 233, 2x SS SMGs 2x SS Rifles, 2x SS LMG teams, an archeologist that very much resembles Indiana Jones, and a bulldog I’m calling Winston.

At the same time on the terrain front I’m upping my forest count, and ordered 20 trees off ebay, and I am chasing 40mm round bases to put them on. These will be put in 40mm holes cut in a base board to show the boundaries of the forest. That’s the plan anyway, finding cheap 3mm tall, 40mm round bevel edges bases has been challenging.

I’ve also picked up some flickering tea lights from a local two buck shop to make some fire markers. I was considering some kind of magnetic arrangement so I could swap the base size as smoke in BA ranges from 3″ to 6″ in 1″ increments! but I need to get to the bottom of the base to turn the tea light on & off, so might just make seperate smoke and fire markers. I’m sure once I start using my flamethrower team in Bolt Action fire markers are going to be a requirement!

In addition to that I finally got around to assembling my Sarissa Chataeu. If you’re not familiar with this laser cut kit, assembled it looks like this.


It was a pretty simple kit to assemble, though some of the details above the door frame are quite fragile, and I’ve already “modified” the back door frame as I busted some of the detail just assembling the model. I’ve decided to paint the model as constructed. That is, the corners of the roof look less “real” as they should have a capping over the join, but I’m making a model for a wargame, not a movie set. Ultimately, if I don’t like the final result, it’s something I can retrofit later anyway.

The kits also doesn’t include any interior walls, each floor is one big room, so I may consider knocking some of those up at a later date as well. As it turns out I enjoy painting window frames on doll houses about as much as I do on real houses… that is, not very much. This chataeu has 27 windows! Pretty much means I’m not likely to invest in a real French Chataeu! I’m going for a perhaps less interesting exterior of grey with white window frames and black wrought iron railings. However, I’m hoping to brighten it up a little with some moss and vines so it looks a little less monochrome. I’ve also painted the interior floors a luxurious burgandy. I’m not sure at this stage whether I am going to paint the interior walls, or go crazy and wallpaper them. It is after all a centre piece terrain wise, so I don’t mind going the extra mile. I am hoping to be able to take some WiP shots on the weekend.

This also arrived yesterday…


The plan is to use it for a staff car for Bolt Action (counts as a kubelwagon with no MG option), or just a nice terrain piece. The 1/48th scale is just a little larger than Bolt Action at 1/54th but it’s very close. I wouldn’t mix & match the scales, but as a one-off car this will fit right in. It’s half assembled already :D