As I mentioned recently I acquired a 1/48th scale Tamiya kit for a Citroen Traction staff car for Bolt Action. The scale is slightly larger than Bolt Actions 1/54th scale, but I figured that as long as I didn’t get the same vehicle in the “correct” scale, then it’s kind of a non-issue. However, curiosity got the better of me. According to wikipedia, the length of the Citroen Traction ranged from 4.45m to 4.96m depending on the model. Mine is an 11CV, which had the longer wheelbase. The Panzer II was 4.81m long, so every so slightly shorter, and the kubelwagon 3.74m, so about 3/4 the length. Lets see how they stack up.


Not bad. Against the PzII its about the same length, so pretty much bang on. Likewise for the kubalwagon.

So that’s all well & good but I have noticed drivers for warlords stuff seem slightly on the smaller side than their infantry equivalents. So how does it compare to an infantry model.


So against one of my WiP Fallschirmjager models it looks perfect. Against my SS which are on larger, round shoulder bases they are going to look a little bigger, but then that’s ok, I want my SS to look imposing.

So a final shot with the same FJ up against the kubalwagon for scientific completeness 😀 .


All up I’m really happy with the purchase. I don’t think that I’d do this for tanks and the like, as I have seen comparisons around the web and they seem to be bigger. You don’t really want a 1/48th Sherman looking bigger than a Tiger II. There’s also not really any price saving. An opel blitz truck for example costs around the same, so may as well buy the Warlord model.

However for scenery and one off’s that are unlikely to come up against something comparable, I might look for some more 1/48th period models to throw down as cover on the battlefield.