Chatting with a friend of mine this week about some older model I painted a year or so ago inspired me. Throw back Thursdays!  For those of you not familiar with the concept it’s social media thing complete with hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT where you post an old photo from some time ago, that is, a throwback to the past.

With 30 odd years of miniature painting and gaming behind me I figure I should be able to churn out a post or two! So in an effort to keep this blog rolling along on at least a weekly basis as I have aimed and often failed to do im going to start posting some throwback Thursday articles in the quiet weeks.

To kick it all off I’m going to start with the models that kicked off the whole process, Warmachine Arguses1. In terms of throwbacks these are pretty recent having painted them for the Warmachine “Scars of Caen” Season 1 campaign back in 2014.

While I am not a competitive Warmachine player I did enjoy the smaller quarterly leagues Privateer Press ran. I know a lot of players who love the competitive side of the game did not like these leagues as they messed with the rules, sometimes significantly breaking the way the model is used, but that was all part of the appeal for me. Sadly they died out locally, as did my interest in Warmachine.

None-the-less I love the models and have quite a few in my collection, and will probably form a bit of the backbone to these #TBT posts.

Winter Argus





1 Yes, Arguses is the correct plural for many Argus.