Cryx were my first steps into Warmachine. As a faction I really loved the vast array of options, the undead but steam powered theme, and the really dark background. As a bonus I had picked these models up many years before… like 1st edition Warmachine… as additions to my Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marines.

Alas the local scene back in 2009 was really starting to take off and the game rapidly grew from small skirmish to large army based stuff. In addition, the tournament scene exploded in popularity, and that’s really not where I was wanting to go. Finally, the Warmachine system just didn’t gel with me. I couldn’t plan ahead far enough and soon discovered Hordes better suited my style. Cryx died an unnatural death.

Defiler Light Warjacks


… and they breed!


Scrap Thralls

Scrap Thralls really captured my imagination and I held on to these for Necromunda even when I got rid of the rest of the force. I’ve even added to the collection!

thrall1 thrall2