Last Tuesday I received two packages from Sarissa, which could only mean my village had arrived. While I was originally keen to scratch build my village for Bolt Action, making molds as went, the reality is that’s just not time practical for me at this stage. The old saying of time is money is ever so true, and while this lot did cost a fair whack of money, the time saving is huge.

As a test run I put together one of the terrace houses, and even with day-to-day distractions the whole thing went together in under an hour. After building the Chateau I had thought that, to make the job of painting door and window frames easier, I would paint them before assembling. However, the thought of having a whole bunch of loose, very fragile laser cut card details hanging about while I get around to painting the rest of the buildings was enough to convince me that completely assembling them is the better option. One down and six to go.


Encouraged by the easy progress I set too the rest of the village on the weekend. I still have the large terrace shops to go, but everything else is done and should provide a decent town square.


The church tuned out to be the most fragile and despite best efforts I snapped off one of the roof details while assembling. Then when I picked it up to move it the spire tumbled and while I stopped it hitting the floor, the cross snapped clean off. I figured it would be fragile bit this was the slightest of tap and not a long fall distance. Taking the positive view, I guess better now than when it’s painted. A new cross was fabricated from plasticard, which should have some flex to prevent the same thing happening again.