Originally I purchased this Privateer Press Dire Troll for one of my Bloodbowl teams. With his rocky protrusions he made a great Troll afflicted by Warpstone for my Underworld Pact team of skaven and goblins. Unfortunately the sheer size of the beast made him somewhat impractical on the field.

While my models were small enough to hide under his hands, not so for the opposition. The there was the fateful day of the plummet from the shelf that all but destroyed the team. After that the team broke up, figuratively and literally, salvagable goblins heading for my orc team, skaven to the skaven team.

Then one day some cheap Hordes Trolls came my way, another Privateer Press campaign was launched, and my Trollkin army for Hordes started. My old bloodbowl troll took a bath in simple green, and the repaint began.

This is how he started out … AFTER paint stripping. This guy had some serious varnish holding the paint together.


With a small loin cloth this guy was also the test bed for tartan for the rest of the force.